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Handbook For Professional Realtors

Real Estate Agents Handbook … only for the Professional! A handbook to assist the professional estate agents systemise their business, for better control and service delivery.

South Africa, Cape Town – [Wednesday March 4, 2009] – The release of a handbook for professional estate agents breathes a breath of fresh air into the property industry. An industry which allows professionals to choose the level of professionalism understanding and knowledge they wish to achieve.

Real Estate Agents Handbook … only for professionals! provides straight forward, easy to read guidance to property professionals, offering a systematic and methodical approach to achieve predictable results. While most agents are reactive in meeting their needs, the book includes a tool for agents to track their results which is of enormous value to agents looking to be proactive in reaching their targets and goals.

The book was inspired by Colin Gorvett’s observation in his travels through America, Europe, United Arab Emirates and South Africa of the similarity of the way in which the estate agents deal with their clients and that despite regional differences the basic operational problems are common to all.

“Real Estate is one of the few professions that allow you the freedom to choose the level of professionalism understanding and knowledge you will achieve.” said Gorvett. “With freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility is therefore yours to make yourself the best that you can be.”
The book is available online as an eBook, making it accessible to property professionals around the globe. “The initial response has exceeded our expectations”

Readers comment:

“Simple step by step tested solutions to succeed”
“Excellent tool for Agents. Simple method but almost never used by most Agents.”
“Very easy to read and understand. This book is a must for my office.”
“Well set out! To the point, easy to read and follow. Good humour! Great quotes.”
“A perfect guide to being professional, no matter what industry service you are in.”
“Very useful well balanced book. Lots of practical ideas which are easy to implement by every Estate Agent whether they are new or an old hand in the business.”
“Very informative, definitely needs to be read by all Estate Agents, and read repeatedly as the concepts are very informative, helpful and easy to implement …”


Included with the Real Estate Agents Handbook … only for the Professional! are valuable programs for tracking your business.


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