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Real Estate Agents Handbook … only for the Professional! A handbook to assist the professional estate agents systemise their business, for better control and service delivery. South Africa, Cape Town – [Wednesday March 4, 2009] – The release of a… Continue Reading…

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In business, the customer is always right – sometimes confused, misinformed, rude, stubborn and changeable, but never wrong. Ever date anyone like that? Customers are the reason you have a business. Without them, no matter what you do, there isn’t… Continue Reading…


Using sample business plans and their structure, along with studying as many business plan examples as you can, will provide you with the necessary framework to consider your business from every possible angle. Starting or running your business without a… Continue Reading…

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How To Generate Traffic Using Twitter Social media marketing is the “it” thing in the marketing world right now and Twitter is at the very top of that list. If you haven’t already become involved in this technique, it’s time… Continue Reading…

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