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Real Estate Agents Handbook (Paperback)


Systemise Your Real Estate Business to Achieve Predictable Results … and Watch Your Frustrations Melt Away

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As real estate agents, we all know that the rewarding business of real estate is simple and uncomplicated … until we get clever and make it difficult and unpleasant.

One of the easiest ways to conquer your competition is to systemise your real estate business to achieve predictable results. Take a look at this new handbook and programs that you might find helpful for your strategy.

The Real Estate Agents Handbook … only for the Professional! You can systemise your real estate business to achieve predictable results, implementing the practical ideas to your existing business. A simple winning strategy – that will result in you receiving more listings than you can manage, daily habits – bringing you loyal clients and a steady flow of business, numbers to live by – giving you freedom to work with predictable results, skills with people – for better control and service delivery, negotiating price and marketing property, …

The handbook is very useful … with lots of practical ideas which are very easy to implement.

You can find out more by visiting the article.

Included with the Real Estate Agents Handbook … only for the Professional!, you’ll find programs for tracking your business. It is strongly suggest you use the Progress Tracking Report!

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